Project Reboot

Donating to Project Reboot

Project Reboot is part of the Capital PC User Group, Inc. an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered to do business and accept donations in the State of Maryland. Donations to Project Reboot may be deductible from your federal, state or local income taxes. Be sure to ask for a receipt if you plan to deduct the value of your donation from your taxes.

Reboot accepts many different types of later model computer equipment. A donated desktop or laptop computer can be working or non-working, so long as it contains a Pentium III class processor or better. If you are not sure your system is in this category, please e-mail to confirm before you deliver your donation. Generally though, use your best judgment as to whether your old computer equipment is still usable.

Working peripheral equipment, such as printers, keyboards, mice, and the like, make good donations, too, but peripherals must be in good working condition. Flat panel style of monitors must also be in good working order.

Project Reboot can also use extra computer parts in good working order, power and printer cables, multi-gigabyte-sized hard drives, and later model memory (RAM). Especially needed are the cords and cabling that go with your donated computer.

Business Donation of used computer equipment

Project Reboot receives donations of used computers from a number of school systems, government agencies and businesses in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. We can accept any size donation up to a maximum of 1,000 computers in a single shipment. If you plan to deliver your donated equipment to Project Reboot, we prefer that it be during our normal business hours. If you have a large or special donation we can arrange to receive donations Monday-Thursday during regular business hours (9am - 5pm). Call or email us to arrange for special dates and times to donate.

If you have a lot of computers to donate (20+) and are within 50 miles of the DC area, we can arrange to pickup your donation for free. We go as far north as Harrisburg, PA; as far south as Richmond, VA; as far west as Morgantown, WV. and as east as Ocean City, MD. Please email us to arrange for pickups.

Personal Donation of used computer equipment

Project Reboot accepts donations of used computers from individuals. You should deliver your donated equipment to Project Reboot during our normal business hours. Park your car near our Receiving Dock and come into the Project Reboot facility. We will get one of our volunteers to unload your donation from your vehicle. Don't forget to ask for a tax deductible receipt for the value of your donation.