Project Reboot

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Reboot is part of the Capital PC User Group, Inc. a 501c3 charitable organization registered to do business and accept donations in the State of Maryland. Donations to Project Reboot may be deductible from your federal, state or local income taxes. Be sure to ask for a receipt if you plan to deduct the value of donation from your taxes.

1. Can I deduct the value of the computer I donated to Project Reboot from my income taxes?

Check with your tax advisor. But, Project Reboot is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Whether or not you can deduct the value of your donation depends on your taxable status and the valuation you place on the donation. Be sure to ask for a receipt for your donation if you are planning on deducting it from your income taxes as a charitable donation.

2. Is there any software loaded on to the computer?

Absolutely! We start with a fully licensed copy of Microsoft Windows 7 Pro (32 bit or 64 bit). Also from Microsoft is their Security Essentials anti-virus, anti-malware program. A full office product suite called LibreOffice provides a Microsoft Office 2010 compatible word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program (perfect for homework and creating resumes). Utilities we install include CD/DVD burning software, PDF Reader/Printer software, web browser and file compression (Zip) software. Your Project Reboot computer is up-to-date with the latest, most useful software we can find.

3. How do individuals get a refurbished computer?

First you need a referral from one of more than 800 referring agents & agencies that have registered with Project Reboot. The referring agent will give you a signed copy of our referral form. Bring the referral form, a picture ID and enough cash to purchase one of our computers (click for Price List).

4. How can a non-profit get refurbished computers?

We will need a copy of the 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) IRS determination letter on file. After registering with Project Reboot (via Email or Phone) your non-profit can receive computers from our refurbishment program.

5. Will Project Reboot come and pick up my donated equipment?

That depends. If you have 12 or more computers and are within 50 miles of Project Reboot we can arrange a pickup.

6. Does Project Reboot wipe all data from the disk of my donated computer?

Yes, but don't count on us doing that. You are responsible for any data left on your hard drive. The Capital PC User Group, Inc. and Project Reboot accept no responsibility for erasing your data. We do not give out recycled computers that have not had their disks wiped, repartitioned, reformatted and overwritten with data. Hard drives that are not given out in refurbished computers are not wiped before we dispose of them.

7. Do you accept student volunteers for Student Service Learning (SSL) hours?