Project Reboot

Volunteer for Project Reboot

Project Reboot is part of the Capital PC User Group, Inc. a 501c3 charitable organization and depends on volunteers for 100% of its activities.

Volunteer needs at Project Reboot vary from time to time. However, all of our volunteer needs fall into two broad categories - technical and professional. Depending on your interests and skills we can likely find a spot for you in our organization.

Professional Volunteers

Project Reboot is like any other business in that we have people taking care of the business. Here are some of the needs we have in the non-technical areas:

Front desk personnel.

Our front desk personnel interface directly with our clients by inputting their information into our computer systems and assisting our clients in picking out and paying for their refurbished computer system. If you have ever worked in a retail store, this job is for you. Needed on Mondays and Wednesday only.

Receptionist and data entry.

Someone to answer the phone and do some light data entry. Needed on Mondays and Wednesdays only.

Someone to solicit equipment donations from local school systems and corporations.

We have to keep a constant supply of donated computers. If you have ever been in Sales, this would be a great position for you. Needed any time Monday through Friday. This can even be done from home.

Technical Volunteers

A few of our positions require some technical skills. Please do not apply for these jobs if you are expecting us to train you on how to refurbish computers. We do not have a formal training program to refurbish computers as we expect our volunteers to have some technical skills before they apply for our technical positions

Computer setup

If you can change out memory chips, hard drives and CD/DVD drives you have enough skill for our desktop computer setup positions. Needed Monday through Friday.

Printer refurbisher

We don't repair printers. We clean up the working, donated printers then we add ink cartridges and secure the proper drivers. Some technical skills involved. Needed Monday through Friday.

Computer repair

This involves fixing computers that clients bring back for repair. Frequent repairs include delousing (removing virus & spyware) and replacing minor computer parts (memory, hard drive, CD/DVD drives, etc.). We also install client spot purchases of Wi-Fi and/or software for the blind. Needed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Laptop rebuilder

Most of the laptops donated to Project Reboot need extensive work to become functional. Replacing keyboards, display panels ,etc are common tasks. Needed Monday through Friday.